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During this sudden outbreak, the world faced an accelerated transformation to digital alternatives in all possible sectors globally. This change was experienced in different levels from government responses to the pandemic, education, and private sectors. We can say that the African experience wa

The Fourth industrial revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we
live, work, and progress. It is a new chapter of our lives also known as the "Digital revolution", it improves our standards of living by advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things,

Companies specializing in digital marketing are growing like mushrooms on the continent and the diaspora is not on the sidelines of this phenomenon which is revolutionizing consciousness at the business level.

The birth of the new era of digital consumption during the pandemic surged to b

Ingeniousness, ambitions, tenacity are the main three keywords that describe the youth in Africa yet Youth unemployment is one of the major challenges faced by the African Coalescence (AU) the Member States. The quandary is exacerbated by constrained alternate opportunities to earn decent livelih