Digitalization for an Africonnected

About this edition Digitalization for an Africonnected

The four-day African Youth Leadership Summit focuses on the core challenges encountered by young leaders framed by a main theme “ Digitalization for an Africonnected”. With the aim of reflecting on how to transfer, diffuse and adopt the Information and Communication Technologies within the African context, AYLS brings a diverse group of young delegates from the whole continent together for a journey of collective exploration and networking all around the theory of the “frogleap” Africa could have with a harness of digital tools. AYLS aims to create a common space for inter-generational dialogue and knowledge sharing by exposing local,national, and global challenges through interactive workshops and open discussions, which enables our participants to foster connections among courageous and passionate young change makers and competent leaders. ALYS is a principal component of entrenching knowledge and new solutions steered by young creative and determined leaders.

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